Asterisk DTMF issues

Its a common issue with asterisk as it sometimes wont pass dtmf properly. To solve the issue first we need to check the network have sufficient bandwidth, if bandwidth is sufficient then we need to add below parameters on all didforsale trunks. Note that if you are using G729 codec then inband wont work. . . . → Read More: Asterisk DTMF issues

Choppy lines or call breaks on asterisk

Choppy line is a common problem when we use sip signaling. The main reasons for the issues are Bandwidth, Codec, Lots of SIP trunks registered, Jitter.

Basic checklist for Choppy Lines Check the Codec ULAW, ALAW or G729 is allowed on your trunks,If allowed try to use any single codec to avoid choppy lines. For example if . . . → Read More: Choppy lines or call breaks on asterisk

Asterisk one way audio issue

How to resolve one way or no audio issues

Its a common issue with PBX to have audio issues like one way audio or no audio. Sometime only caller can hear remote party or remote party only can hear the caller. This is mainly because of NAT issues. We recommend to use NAT with . . . → Read More: Asterisk one way audio issue

Local Numbers outside your Territory

Do you Advertise your business online, in print media or any other marketing channels? Do you give your business number on the Advertisements?

How good are the chances that your potential leads in Florida will call you if your number is from California as compared to your competitor whose has a local access number . . . → Read More: Local Numbers outside your Territory

DIDForSale Offers Canada DID Numbers

DIDforSale is proud to announce that we have now expanded our DID coverage into Canada. In addition to US and UK, now you can purchase Candian DID’s as Metered, FlatRate or Unlimited per Channel basis. Our goal as always is to provide high quality DIDs at a very competitive price without compromising on . . . → Read More: DIDForSale Offers Canada DID Numbers

What is SIP Trunking?


SIP is a Session Initiation Protocol at application layer which controls creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with multiple participants. A SIP Trunk can be referred to as a logical connection between an IP PBX and a Service Provider’s application servers that allows voice over IP traffic to be exchanged between the two.  While . . . → Read More: What is SIP Trunking?

Resell SIP Trunking

We are pleased to announce “Refer a Friend” feature for our existing DIDForSale customers. You can get upto $25 Free Credit when your friend signup and makes their first purchase towards DIDForSale VoIP Services. There is no limit to how many friends and family you can refer. The more members you refer the more . . . → Read More: Now you can make money from VoIP Services

Resell VoIP Services

Make money while helping others to enjoy great VoIP Services and huge savings on inbound SIP Trunking. There is no limit to how many friends and business partners you can refer. The more friends you refer, the more money you can make.

Just have your friend send us an email that he was referred . . . → Read More: Resell VoIP Services

VoIP Faqs

Here are most Frequently Asked Question about VoIP. Most common things you should know.

How does voip work How to compare voip plans Why voip may be a no brainer Setup options for voip How to switch to voip What are soft phones Top voip features small businesses cannot leave without What can you . . . → Read More: VoIP Faqs

Bandwidth: A Critical Criterion for VoIP

Bandwidth refers to how much data can be sent and received through the Internet. There are two kinds of it. You have the upload bandwidth, which refers to how much information can be transferred from the Internet to your PC, and the download bandwidth, a measure of data transferred from your PC to the Internet. . . . → Read More: Bandwidth: A Critical Criterion for VoIP