Secure your VoIP

No network is immune to any type of malicious attack. Just think about I Love You Virus and the Millennium bug that had wiped out several millions’ worth of data all around the globe. So even your VOIP can be greatly damaged by viruses, phishing attacks, and malware, to name a few.

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VoIP Security Threats

VoIP isn’t immune to several security threats, especially now that scammers and phishers have several ways to capitalize on the technology. Nevertheless, knowing what these potential attacks are will make you more alert and responsible in using the system.

DoS Dodging

This is considered to be the most serious and thus dangerous malicious VoIP . . . → Read More: VoIP Security Threats

Is your Asterisk system under heavy attack

This week one of our customer was attacked by more than 10000 Unique IPs. These hackers try to register on your system using some random username and easy to crack password. Few week back I wrote few tips on securing your asterisk servers.

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