Make an Outbound Call

With the REST api, you can make an outbound call to your customer. You can connect the call to your voice application.

Use Case:

  • Build an authentication system where you will call the customer and say the pin code.
  • Create a click to call button and connect the call to your call center.

To allow you to complete the call, we need the follow parameters in the post headers.

from: This will be the Caller ID of the call.
to: Number that should be Dialed
url: This is web url, where your application reside, this URL will be called as soon as call is connected. If no URL, then call will be automatically connected to FROM number.

Once you have the post variables ready, you will call the URL to complete the call.

Here is an example from curl.

Once we authenticate your account based on the API key, system will call 19499300360. As soon as person pickup the call system will execute further instruction from hello-world.php.

In another example if you want to authenticate a user by sending him secret pin.

Once the caller pick up the call, voice application system will call

Code for 9499300360-authenticate.xml. PS: 9499300360-authenticate.xml should be generate dynamically for that particular session.

Now the system will say the message ” Your pin is 8 9 70″

This is how you can create a simple authentication system.