Role: <number> keyword can be used to dial another number. This keyword can be used independently or it can be nested inside dial. Connecting to call to external number can cost extra depending on the service plan.


  • Connecting the call to another person based on time and location of the caller.
  • Using it along with IVR, where press 1 can go to sales person and press 1 can go to support number.

While there are no limitation on where <number> can be used, there is set of optional attributes to use with <number>. Below is a list of attributes to be used with <number>, each attribute has a specific function and can use certain values.


actionCallback URLnone
maxlengthinteger value in seconds4 hours
calleridvalid phone numberCaller’s ID
timoutInteger in seconds30 seconds

Here is an example of how <number> is used within code.

No another example, <number> can be nested inside the <dial> command.