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DIDforSale is Plivo Alternative that developers are raving about!

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Voice & SMS integration at your finger tips

Simplified smarter solution for your Mobile & Web Apps

What makes DIDforSale better Plivo Alternative?

Build Hybrid Solution

Unlike Plivo DIDforSale allows you to build hybrid solution on top of your existing PBX.


Unlimited Inboud

At DIDforSale you can get access to flat rate unlimited inbound minutes.

Better & Free Support

With over a decade of experience our technical team is unmatched & is our top asset.

DIDforSale features that cannot be missed

A+ Quality

We leverage Tier-1 providers to bring you superior Voice and SMS quality in the industry.

Low Cost

With our competitive price we help business save more and grow more without compromising on quality.

99.99% Uptime

With a team of exceptional engineers and developers our systems are monitored and maintained 24/7

Easy web management

With intuitive design our web portal simplifies account management and gives you full control to manage your services.

Flexible Programming interface

We understand the power of being fluent in a language that is why our interface lets you choose your own development/programming language.

Looking to get started

Is it your first time integrating Voice communication, SMS or Authentication? Our environment is designed to provide you with powerful solution at your fingertips. You can start by creating an account. Once your account is all setup you can start creating your API’s. Need help developing your first voice or SMS application? Let us help you.

Need Plivo Alternative

Are you currently using Plivo and looking for an alternative? Not a problem. Migrating to DIDforSale is quick, easy and seamless. Our platform is designed to make migration as simple as possible. Start by creating an account or you can start by contacting our sales experts to get you started. Contact Sales Expert

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Questions that our clients Frequently Ask Us

Can I port my numbers from Plivo to DIDForSale?

Yes, we can port your numbers from Plivo. In-fact if you are porting number from Plivo, ask about free Number Porting.

Is there any Contract I have sign?

There is not contract to start the services. You can cancel the service any time for any reason. How ever you might get even better pricing if you make some commitment.