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Click to Call

DIDForSale Voice API, lets you create a Click on Call Application in your website. With the Sample code and DIDForSale API, you can create a simple Click to Call form, ask the user to enter a phone number and click on call me now button. Code will call DIDForSale...

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SMS Authentication API

Create Dynamic code for SMS Authentication. Verify user identities, provide strong security for critical account information with Multi-factor authentication.

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Simple SMS API in PHP

SIMPLE SMS API IN PHP     SMS API to forward SMS to an email address DIDForSale SMS API lets you handle incoming SMS in your application. You can configure the SMS to forward to your URL. Once you set the SMS to your web URL, all the incoming messages will be...

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SMS Forwarding

SMS FORWARDING How SMS Forwarding is beneficial for Business Using DidforSale DID’s Thanks to technology, never before has it been easier for businesses to remain connected to its employees and its consumers. With the advancement of telecommunications technology from...

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SMS Enabled DID Numbers

SMS ENABLED DID NUMBERS DIDforSale Introduces SMS to Send and Receive Messages with Local DID’s The introduction of mobile technology, starting with the cell phone, has changed the way we communicate throughout our daily lives. In fact, one feature is dramatically...

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