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Limitations of VoIP!

VoIP is much discussed technology around. We hear everyone talk about benefits and opportunities with VoIP. But one thing which is not much discussed is :-   Does VoIP have any limitations? If yes then What kind of limitations?   There really are few limitations, VOIP...

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What questions to ask when choosing your SIP Provider?

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, I can't stress enough always question your providers, not just your Sip Trunk providers. No change is easy! But often a change with least information is the toughest one. To avoid such situations make sure your are asking the right questions and...

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Sip Trunking for Dummies

Don't know much about SIP Trunking? No worries! SIP Trunking can be, and is very painless and easy to switch to. Simply look up SIP Trunk provider via just about any search engine. The flavors will vary, and depending on how much you choose to do yourself, so will the...

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You can continue to utilize a PRI trunk while running a VOIP server and utilizing the SIP protocol internally.   However there are several issues that come up due to this configuration. First, you will need a PRI box, that basically takes the PRI stream and converts...

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Is your Business Ready to implement SIP TRUNKING

  Are you ready to join the VoIP SIP Trunk trend & take your business ahead? Switching to SIP Trunk for your telephone needs is the best decision you have made. So how do you know your business is ready to implement SIP Trunking? Today implementing Sip trunk is not as...

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How to choose right SIP Trunk Provider?

What is the right SIP trunk provider? It really all depends on your needs and your understanding of what SIP trunking is? Several internet providers can provide sip trunking, but not all sip trunk providers can provide internet. One of the biggest worries you will...

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