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How to choose right SIP Trunk Provider?

What is the right SIP trunk provider? It really all depends on your needs and your understanding of what SIP trunking is? Several internet providers can provide sip trunking, but not all sip trunk providers can provide internet. One of the biggest worries you will...

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5 Steps to Successfully Implement SIP Trunk

    Choose a SIP Trunk provider There are several SIP providers and pricing will vary with the number of channels you need to support the amount of DIDs you have or will require. Purchase or Port your DIDs  While you may already have a number of DIDs already, there...

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Top 5 SIP Trunking Concerns for Businesses

What are the major concerns when considering SIP trunking? Bandwidth of your internet connection Cost Flexibility Ease of use Security Bandwidth of your internet connection Sip protocol does not generally use a large amount of bandwidth, and can generally run along...

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Local Number for Travel Agency Call Center

Thousands of people choose MAYANOT for their Taglit-Birthright Israel trip each year for good reason. We spare no expense to give an experience of a lifetime! Participants enjoy a high-quality Israel experience that includes ten days jam-packed with activities and...

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What is Codec?

A CODEC is an abbreviation for coder-decoder. Its a device that encodes or decodes a digital stream to transfer it over data network. Two basic operations of CODEC are:- To convert an analog voice signal to its equivalent digital form for easy transmition. Once the...

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SIP Trunking requirements

Sip Trunking is a SIP (Session Initiation protocol) enabled phone line that is transferred over the internet. It is cost efficient way for businesses to get a flexible, functional, scalable phone system without any huge upfront cost. Often businesses are not prepared...

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