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How does Local Number Help my Business?

When people are looking for service this is general tendency that they will call the local number first. For example if you have business in CA and potential customer is in Florida. So having a local number for Florida will motivate people to call that number and you will receive call in CA.

Can I forward local phone number to my PBX or Phone System?

Yes, we can route call to your PBX at no extra cost. In fact lot of our customers do save lot of money by doing so.

Manage global customers from one Physical location !

What else I can do with local phone number? Show more examples.

There are many ways you can use local phone numbers:

  • Call Tracking: Have a unique phone number for different marketing campaign and see which campaign generate more calls. You can download the complete CDR with caller ID, Phone number dialed and time of the call. See how you can benefit from call tracking from unique phone numbers.
  • Dont want to share your cell number: Just give local phone to you new contact and get the call forwarded to your cell phone. They will never know what is your cell number unless you call them.
  • Unique listing on your web site: You can have different number for different product listing and forward the call to different people and route them to different department.

Other use of local numbers are for Call Centers, Surveys, Campaigns etc.

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  • Local Phone Number in 13,000+rate centersĀ  all over USA
  • Take your business international with local numbers in UK and Canada.
  • Choose from Local / Toll Free Numbers
  • Easy Setup, Easy Online Management
  • Keep Your existing Number by transferring them to DIDforSale (Number Porting)
  • No Contract

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