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Why to Purchase local phone numbers from DIDForSale?


Low Cost: Price is always a major factor in making the decisions. You can get local phone numbers for any state as low as $0.50 per month and pay low per minute $0.004 per minute. We also offer our flat rate or unlimited calling.

Large Coverage: Even if you are a business located in California, you can get virtual numbers from other states. For Example if your business is currently in Los Angeles, CA then with our global SIP Trunks you can get number from any other state in USA or even from Canada or UK.

Premium Quality: Getting the best price for phone numbers is important. That does not mean you have to compromise on reliability and quality of service. You get the same quality of service irrespective of which state or country you picked the phone number for

Frequently Asked Questions on How to get started?

How do I get started with DIDforSale?

In order to get started with DIDforSale you will need to create an account on You can do so by visiting

Is there any contract to start using services from DIDforSale for my Inmate Calling Services?

No, DIDforSale does not require any commitments/contracts from their customers.

What do I need to start using local phone numbers from DIDforSale for my Inmate calling Service?

After you have created an account you can choose one of the two options to start using the local phone numbers:-

  1. Forward the number from DIDforSale to any phone number.
  2. Forward the number from DIDforSale to your inhouse phone system.

Is there any limit on how many numbers I can have from one city for the jail call service I provide?

No, there is no limit on how many local phone numbers you can have from one area code/city. Inmate call service may require many numbers from within one area and DIDforSale provides medium for your jail call system to leverage these numbers without any limit.

How long does it take to activate a number after its been requested?

Once you have submitted the number request it usually is available right away. In rare cases where the number is not already in our database it may take a few hours to get activated.

I currently use another provider for my existing Jail Call Business. If I switch the provider do I loose my existing phone numbers?

When switching to DIDforSale you DO NOT loose any of you existing phone numbers. You can request them to be ported to DIDforSale by filling out a number port request.

My Inmate Call Services business is still in startup stage. Do you also provide the Phone System?

Yes, we do offer Phone Systems for Jail call / inmate call service providers.

find local number in USA

Create local presence any where in USA, UK or Canada

  • Local Phone Number in 13,000+rate centersĀ  all over USA
  • Take your business international with local numbers in UK and Canada.
  • Choose from Local / Toll Free Numbers
  • Easy Setup, Easy Online Management
  • Keep Your existing Number by transferring them to DIDforSale (Number Porting)
  • No Contract

We know how expensive Inmate Collect Calls are and Long distance collect calls from Jail or Prison are even more expensive. While your Jail Call service is helping reduce cost for inmate families and loved one’s DIDforSale helps your business achieve your goal by providing high quality cheap local numbers from all over USA, UK and Canada.

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