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What is Call Center: Call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. An inbound call center is operated by a company or business to administer an incoming product, support, or information inquiries from customers. Where in outbound call centers call are made on behalf of business or organization for telemarketing, solicitation of charitable, political donations, or debt collection and market research.

Most of call centers require telephone lines that can handle a large number of simultaneous calls on each phone number. Sip Trunking is the latest technology used by the call centers. With VoIP and SIP trunking any business can receive 100’s and 1000’s of simultaneous calls that can be forwarded to remote Call Center system, from their call can be routed to you individual agents based on the algorithm designed for your business. Also SIP Trunking enables your business to reduce telecom costs and simplify management by combining voice and Internet access over a single internet connection using your existing VoIP based call center systems.

Most common problem for the call centers is:

–          Finding the sip trunking service provider that can handle larger number of simultaneous calls on the same telephone number.

–          Allow the business to purchase local phone numbers in different areas codes on same pool of sip trunks.

–          With millions of calls every month, even with very low per minute rate total telephone cost can be significant.

Why to Use DIDForSale SIP Trunking for your Call Centers:

Capacity and Performance: DIDForSaleis specialized in providing services to call center and businesses that require large number of calls per second. We can send 100’s of calls per seconds to your call centers at one location or multiple locations.

Buy What you Need: With DIDForSale SIP service, you purchase only the trunks you need based on the maximum number of concurrent calls your call center requires at all locations. Our SIP trunk costs are significantly less expensive than traditional telephone lines, thus helping call centers reduce telephone costs extensively.

Larger Coverage: Didforsale offers SIP Trunk and local access numbers all over US, UK and Canada. Unlike your local telephone company where you can get telephone numbers only from local NPA NXX, with DIDForSale you can get local Telephone Numbers anywhere US, UK and Canada. You can get a local number from Florida, California, Texas and connect the call to call center in New York.

Single pool of SIP Trunks: For large call center business where you have multiple locations, with traditional telephony you need to get telephone lines for each location and manage separate telephone bills. With DIDForSale you can have one pool of SIP Trunks for all your offices. We can route the call for each Voip DID Number to different Call Centers in each locations.

Local Phone Numbers: Now you can local numbers from any city or state and connect the call to your call center anywhere in the world. With the local numbers your customers do not have to pay for long distance charges and you still get the freedom to operate your call centers at the desired locations.

Toll Free Number: Want to have the convenience of a single toll free number? We can provide you toll free number in US and Canada at very low per minute cost. On toll free numbers you can get as many simultaneous calls as you want. With toll free you pay only per minute and get unlimited SIP Trunks for free.

Virtual Telephone Number: With DIDForSale SIP trunk you can get as many virtual numbers you want. All the DID numbers will be linked with your SIP trunk and calls will be sent to your call center on the same pool of SIP trunks.

Benefits of DIDForSale SIP Trunking:

  • Reduce costs. No need to purchase separate local telephone lines for each location. Purchase only the trunks you need. You can always increase and decrease the capacity based on your needs.
  • Use a single, nationwide VoIP Service provider. With more than 11,000 rate centers DIDForSale offers one of the largest coverage in the country, enabling you to choose a single SIP Trunk provider for all of your VoIP Telephone needs.
  • Try Before you buy: We are so confident that we let you try our VoIP and SIP Trunking services for free, no payment required. You have nothing to lose.
  • Unlimited Calling: With our Unlimited SIP Trunk you can receive unlimited calls on your telephone lines.

Additional SIP Trunking benefits for large businesses with multiple location:

  • Increase Efficiency: Share idle SIP Trunk capacity between multiple call centers at all locations. Example; if your call center on east coast and it is busy in the morning while people west are still sleeping, unused capacity in the ‘west can be used for east and vice versa.
  • Unlimited inbound calling: With DIDForSale SIP Trunks you can get unlimited minutes for all inbound calls and never pay minute. For outbound calls we have special whole sale pricing for call centers.
  • Consolidating Vendors and SIP Trunking: Call Centers at multiple locations benefits by eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors for support, billing and additional services.

Our Network and Compatibility:

We have fully redundant systems and networks which provide you the highest level of VoIP Service availability. Our network is designed to handle large number of simultaneous calls per second. At DIDForSale we use multiple vendors all across USA, so even if there is problem with any vendor, we can always transfer your lines to different vendor.

DIDForSale SIP Trunking solutions are fully functional with any SIP Based Call Center system. Our engineers will work with you throughout the installation process to ensure everything works flawlessly. remember “Try before your buy”. So you are at no risk.


What is SIP trunking: SIP Trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol by which Internet telephony service providers deliver telephone services to customers equipped with SIP-based PBX. One SIP trunk means one simultaneous call. For 100 simultaneous calls you need 100 SIP Trunks.

What is DID Number: (Direct inward dialing numbers) DID number is virtual telephone number that allow you to route calls to your PBX and existing telephone lines. DIDs (also known as DDI in Europe) were developed in order to be able to assign direct number to each employee on existing telephone lines.

What is VOIP: VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. If you have a reasonable quality of internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

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