The possibilities of advertising are proliferating with time. From billboards and display ads to directories, yellow pages and web searches to trade shows, Bing PPC, Google PPC and etc businesses have a plethora of opportunities and platforms to advertise and promote their products/services and attract business leads.

Where there are several mediums available to advertise, what is important to understand here is that each platform comes with a cost and not every platform is equally effective. Simply put, not all advertising platforms offer the same amount of lead generation. And because of this it is quite challenging for businesses to figure out what advertising tactic attracts maximum leads and offers the most conversions. Access to this information can help businesses select the most effective platform to advertise and spend their marketing budget wisely.

Call Tracking for Effective Lead Generation

Call tracking of Local DID phone numbers and toll free numbers is the best way to unravel the most effective mediums of advertising for your business- platforms that are responsible for most lead generation. In other words, through this service you can easily track down the best advertising medium based on lead or traffic generation.

Furthermore, DID phone number call-tracking is also cost-effective as compared to traditional legacy phone call tracking. Traditionally call tracking required businesses to hook up phone lines and invest in expensive hardware. Configuring these phone systems/ on-premise infrastructure required serious technical jobs which added to the cost. Besides call tracking to monitor lead generation was also not as easy as it is with DIDs.

How it Works?

Instead of using one traditional phone number on all the selected advertising platforms for customers to contact you, with DidforSale, you can use a separate contact number for each business ad.

A different Local DID Phone Number or Toll Free Number is used on all of the different forms of advertising platforms selected by your business. To see which advertising medium is more effective than the other, generates heavy leads and should be used more often to advertise, the amount of incoming calls on different numbers placed are tracked and analyzed.

Based on the call tracking data collected, you can then redefine your advertising and future marketing strategies. You can determine the budget of each medium appropriately. You can revise and allocate more budget to advertise on the platform that generate maximum leads and offer impressive sale conversions.

DIDs are in-expensive, require no hardware, can be set-up in seconds and can save you thousands of dollars. Additionally, data collected through DID local numbers and toll free can help you spend marketing dollars more wisely and maximize your advertising possibilities.

Through DidforSale online interface, you can go through the available Numbers present in Inventory and thereby get instant provisioning of the Local DIDs all over the US, UK and Canada. You can assign DID numbers and toll free numbers to any ad and listing in different states to track calls and collect data about lead generation through different numbers given on different platforms.

In addition to this, since DID uses VoIP technology, you don’t need to use traditional phone lines that involve expensive infrastructure. Calls to your DID will be forwarded to any of your existing phone numbers making it easy to manage heavy volume of incoming calls and offer top quality customer service- after all a business call missed, is a business opportunity missed.

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