Hosted PBX Service Providers


Hosted PBX services cater to small or mid-level businesses, providing enhanced technology without the cost of elaborate telephone operating systems.

A hosted PBX service – one of the new and growing trends in communication – is an ideal solution for numerous businesses who want to take advantage of the available technology without spending a fortune on costly equipment and phone systems.

Whether the business is a start-up or relatively established, or the budget for an expensive telephone operating system is just not an option, Hosted PBX services provide many of the same services of an advanced telephone system, but without the financial investment or overhead.

How do Hosted PBX Services Work?

Countless businesses are opting to go with a Voice-over-IP, also known as VoIP, solution to maintain and operate communication for the office. One of the newest additions to the world of business technology – especially that relating to VoIP services, is known as Hosted PBX, which allows employees to use the benefits of the company VoIP system whether they’re traveling for business, working from home or sitting in a hotel room.

Hosted PBX services are ideal for small to medium sized businesses, as it offers some of the cutting-edge technology without the outrageous price tag of elaborate telephone systems. Just as with the more expensive communication systems, businesses can take advantage of the features and voice quality without depleting the budget.

What Do Hosted PBX Services Offer?

Small and medium-sized businesses especially can enjoy the many features through Hosted PBX services, including:

  • Automated attendants and directory
  • Call transfers
  • Holding capabilities
  • Conference Calls

Having such capabilities allows smaller or mid-level businesses to remain at the forefront of technology and stay competitive with larger companies, which stand out to current and potential customers. The telephone is often the first form of communication you have with business clients or customers, so set a good first impression with the newest technology.

Hosted PBX Services and DID Numbers

While hosted PBX services are helpful, it still needs a reliable provider offering local DID phone numbers in order to meet the business needs of any industry. That’s where DIDforSale comes in – our service accommodates businesses of all sizes and provides reliable, local incoming phone numbers to use throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Businesses using Hosted PBX services with DID phone numbers could access the telephone operating system from anywhere – even with mobile phones. Keeping the company connected is one of the best ways to boost productivity and enhance communication between employees and customers, or clients.

We ensure that each phone number provides the highest voice quality and exceptional business support in any of our service areas. DIDforSale also offers Outbound Termination services, which allow businesses to call around the world for a fraction of the cost using the same voice quality and coverage capabilities.

No matter what your business needs are, we can help – DIDforSale services are compatible with countless technological features such as conference calling, call logs, voicemail, faxing, call auditing and more. Take your business to the next level with the prestige of Hosted PBX services and take advantage of the benefits now!

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