Developers Key to seemless possibilities

Voice, SMS & Authentication

DIDforSale’s developer kit empowers you with API’s that will simplify integration for Voice, SMS and Authentication.


Voice API                           SMS API                   DID Management API



Who should use Developer Kit?

Are you a developer and like to have control where you can dynamically route the call to right destination, or you want to automate the DID purchase and Management process?, We heard you. Use DIDforSale’s developer kit is designed for the developers. It provides a platform which includes tools and resources that enables developer to program Voice, SMS or application system that best suits your organizations requirements.

So Why Spend hours when you can be up and running in 5 mins!

– DidforSale’s API helps you work smarter and faster

Voice API

Manage and route calls from your web server with minimal developing effort in any web language you choose. With numerous possibilities you control and drive your own call workflows. Use predefined set of keywords to write your Voice API.


Messaging API has simplified development and integration of exchanging messages globally between various apps. You can use the SMS API to:-

  • Activate SMS
  • Deactivate or Cancel SMS
  • Send SMS

DID Management

Drive your DID purchase and configuration functions right from your web server.

  • Purchase functions
    list, purchase or cancel DID numbers
  • Configuration functions
    manage routing and forwarding
  • View List
    View list of DID, and Configurations
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