DIDforSale is excited to launch new customer portal. The new portal includes features and flexibility that will allow our clients to manage their account more efficiently. Our new portal echoes our commitment to providing enterprise and SMB customers with best-in-class products, experience and management.

What is new?

While we have incorporated new design, reporting and navigation tools into our portal, the most important highlights are:-

ONLINE Port Orders
API Integration

  • Design: We have carefully designed the look and feel of the new portal to make it easy for our clients to browse and manage their account. They can now easily navigate between available products and add, remove and manage them on the go.
  • SecurityOne of the most important feature of our new portal is enhanced security. We have taken measures to make customer information and accounts to be more secure.
  • Reporting: Besides the design and security, the next most important feature is Reporting. It allows customers to have transparency into their phone system with detailed CDR and SMS reports. You can also download the monthly CDR.txt file.
  • Product Management: Management: In the new portal you can now conveniently buy phone numbers (DID numbers) and request new numbers if not available in the list. Manage phone number configurations, and manage SIP Trunk Channels. You can also enable SMS, E911 and CNAM services with a breeze on the phone numbers of your choice.
    • Port Orders: This is one of the highlights of our new portal. Port Orders can now be submitted by customers right from their account resulting into:-
      • Increased efficiency
      • Faster turn around time
      • Conveniently track port request status
      • Consolidated port requests for future references
  • API Integration: API integration is the powerhouse of customer portal where our clients can Manage IP, Manage SIP accounts and Test it at the same time. It allows them to configure and manage routing and to create new voice API’s in their web services.

How to migrate to new portal?

Since the new customer portal is better, more efficient and secured, existing customers can migrate easily by following these steps :-

  1. URL: https://www.didforsale.com/customerportal/
  2. Username: Current username. (your email address)
  3. Password: Please note you are required to create new password. The new password has higher level of security. And since we store your password in encrypted form, we could not migrate your password to new platform. To get new password follow these steps:-
    • Click on Forgot password. 
    • Type in your email address.
    • You will receive an email with link to reset your password.
    • Type in new password and you are all set for new Customer Portal.

FAQ’s on deployment plan for new customer portal?

  1. What is the deadline to migrate to new Portal?
    Initially for the convenience of our existing clients we will keep both old and new portals active in parallel. This will help them with transition. Once we determine the date to decommission old portal, we will send the notification immediately.
  2. What happens to the Old account and password?
    We are going to keep both old and new portals active for next few weeks. Old password will continue to work on old customer portal.
  3. What about the existing account details and information?
    All of the data from existing portal is migrated to the new portal. So the change will have no impact on data.

Getting familiar with new customer portal?

Below are a few screen shots from the existing portal to give an overview of the organization of portal and to briefly explain the menu items.

Portal Dashboard

Once customers pass the login screen they will land on customer portal dashboard. This is their account at a glance. The two image areas labeled Useful Info will be used to share important updates, news, new releases, or any information we want to communicate. The three graphs for Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls or Tollfree Calls are to give our customers at a glance view of usage by minutes and cost. They can see and access any notifications that they might have received, and also keep track of current balance.

SIP Trunk Customer Portal

Customer Portal Dashboard


On the Menu when you choose reporting, it will display additional options available in the row below. As the image displays you can choose from CDR, SMS and CDR Report. With multiple dimensions to choose from, you can be easily customize the reports to narrow down the results. The output of the reports is also available to download in .csv file format.


Reporting Screen

Manage Products

The next available menu option is Manage Products. This is your one stop shop to buy all available products from DIDforSale. Available submenu items are:-

  • DID Configs: You can use one of the two available actions to manage routing or cancel Phone number. This page lists phone numbers by their configuration details.
  • DID List: This allows you to perform same actions as DID Configs however the phone numbers (DID numbers) are listed by City, State and destination url.
  • Channels: Here you can Add or Remove channels
  • SMS: You can Enable, Disable or Update SMS forwarding information on your business phone numbers.
  • E911: Enable or Disable E911 service on the phone number or Edit E911 address.
  • CNAM: Enable or Disable CNAM service on any given phone number.
  • Port Order: Port order will allow you to submit port orders online. You can also Check Portability of certain number before you submit your port order.
  • Request DID: If you need a phone number for a specific area that is not available in our phone number bank then you can request it here.
  • Buy DID: Purchase Phone numbers from the available area codes.
Buy Local Phone Number from hundreds of available Area Codes

Manage Products: Buy Phone Numbers, Manage Channels, Request Port Orders And Configure SMS, E911, CNAM


API Integration will empower clients to Manage their IP configuration by Adding, Updating or Deleting an IP. It also allows to Manage SIP Accounts and Testing Center helps to test the configurations before deploying them.


Add/Remove/Change IP to terminate calls. Create new SIP Account to register on our system. Testing Center



You can manage your account details by clicking on Account from the Menu options. Account allows you to:-

Profile: Update basic account information. (Name, email, phone etc.)
Change Password: As the name states make changes to your existing password.
Add Balance: Customers can manage account payment info and add balance to your account in your preferred way.
Payment History: Keep track of your payments by checking Payment History
Voucher: Apply any earned vouchers and keep track of past vouchers. Any kind of credit adjustment is done through vouchers. You can view all the credits and debits done through voucher.
Invoices: Customers can download their past invoices
Autorefill: If you enabled Autorefill on your payment option then this is where you choose which card to enable for Autorefill.
Charges: Details on any special charges applied on your transactions.

Account Details | Payment Details | Payment History

Account Details | Payment Details | Payment History


Our web team has spent months in getting this ready for our customers. We look forward to getting your feedback.