Role: <queue> keyword can be used to pick up calls waiting in the queue. Every time you send the agent to new queue, it will automatically pickup the call waiting for longest period of the time.


  • Call Center: Want¬† build a call center type of application. You can use queue and enqueue to put the caller in the queue and queue to connect the agents with the callers waiting.

While there are no limitation on where <queue> can be used, there are set of attributes to use with <queue>. Below is a list of attributes to be used with <queue>, each attribute has a specific function and can use certain values.


url web URL none

Here is an example of how <queue> is used within code.

In the above example, caller waiting in queue will be connect the agent. If you want to make an announcement to the caller. Follow the example below.
System will pull connectingnow.xml and execute the instructions before connecting the caller to the agent. Here is sample example file for connectingnow.xml




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