Role: <record> gives an option to record the message

Use: The use of <record> is to prompt the user for recording their voice message.

  • Number not answered –  Say when the number that caller has dialed in is unanswered, then the system will prompt them to leave a voicemail.

Below is a list of recommended attributes that can be used with <record>, each attribute has a specific function and can use certain values.


action Callback URL None
Method POST None
fileID VARCHAR UUID (Universal Unique Identifier
maxlength (Seconds) Integer 180 seconds
confirmrecording 0 or 1 0

If action URL is passed, we will send the recording information in the response to the Callback URL. The recording will be stored on our server and we will provide the link (recordingurl)


Example Code to prompt user to record their message:

Once the message has been recorded it will be played back to the user.
Special record attribute “confirmrecording”  give the caller an option to listen to the recording and if they want they can re-record the message.
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