Role: <sms>, command let you send sms to any number during the call. If no number provided then sms will be sent to the caller id.


  • Account Verification: Send the pin code to the caller that can be used for authentication.
  • Number Verification – Confirm if the caller is not spoofing the caller id.
  • Notification – Notify another person about the call state and if the caller is waiting in the queue, so that agent can dial in and pick up the call.

While there are no limitation on where <sms> can be used, there definitely is set of attributes to use with <sms>. Below is a list of attributes to be used with <sms>, each attribute has a specific function and can use certain values.


action URL none
statusCallback url non
from valid number called number
to valid number caller id

Here is an example of how <sms> is used within code.

If statusCallback url is passed, we send the SMS status back, so your application take futher action.
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