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Ways to send & receive SMS

Local Phone Numbers

Improve your customer experience by using local phone number to send SMS & MMS message. That is true you are not stuck with a random 6 digit code that your customers don’t recognize. You can now leverage your business phone number to send messages. All of the phone numbers from DIDforSale are SMS enabled. You can use local business phone number to send promotional messages, notifications, appointment reminders and any other form of messages. 

Toll-free Numbers

Toll-free numbers have been businesses prefered choice for branded global interactions. Our toll-free numbers are SMS enabled and you can use the same phone number for both your voice and messaging. You can use toll-free numbers with any of these prefixes  800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844 to send SMS & MMS messages. Toll-free phone numbers are also classified by CTIA as A2P (application to person) which allows you to send bulk messages to your customers from the same phone number.

Vanity Phone Number

STAND OUT by using a Vanity phone number. Vanity phone numbers help your business create stronger identity with easy to remember phone number. And to top up the benefits you can now use same vanity number for voice and messaging.

Benefits of sms api.


Increased Efficiency

Manage messages with automated tasks.


Increased Visibility

Track every message sent.



Manage how you want to send/receive messages.


Fast & Reliable

Send 100s of messages in minutes.


Easy Integration

Works with 3rd party tools.


Better Analytics

Connect with webhooks and build reports.


  • Notification

    Keep your customers informed and them notifications from time to time. Some of the examples of notification are delivery notification, account activation, cancellation etc.

  • 2-Factor Authentication

    Secure your customers’ accounts & information. With 2-factor authentication, you add a layer of security and avoid fraud.

  • Alerts

    Keep your customers informed by sending urgent or non-urgent alerts. Some of the examples of alert notifications are severe weather messages, crime alert in a neighborhood, bank transactions etc.

  • Schedule Updates

    SMS has made it easier to get customer’s immediate attention to last-minute changes flight schedule, hotel reservation, & package delay.

  • Reminders

    No more missed appointments or meetings. Send timely reminders and schedule updates to avoid no shows.

  • Scheduling

    Manage meeting schedules, staff schedules, shift schedules, volunteer schedules, and all your other scheduling through SMS and keep everyone on top of their schedules

  • Sales & Support inquiries

    Customers like talking to real people but they might not always be able to take a call. Respond to your customer’s queries through convenient messaging.

  • Promotions

    Businesses have attained maximum success in marketing with SMS. Promotional messages have not only brought more traffic but has also given a boost to sales.


Open rate


Response rare

SMS is the preferred way for communication by consumer. With the high open rate and response rate, it has become the industry’s favorite channel to communicate. SMS APIs are helping businesses achieve higher success by providing flexibility,  and automation.

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