Configure IP/SIP Account

Now that you’ve reserved your DID number. Your next step if to set up the SIP Trunk so that you can place a call to test.


Why one should choose Public IP vs SIP Account?

Here are few scenarios to help you determine whether you should choose Public IP or SIP Account

  • Most customers who have their own PBX, prefer to choose IP to IP communication. It provides faster connectivity and is more secure.
  • For Customers who fit in one of the following scenarios choose to have SIP Credentials to register with our SIP Gateways.
    • If you do not have PBX system
    • or if the PBX system is behind firewall,
    • or if PBX system requires registration string to register with SIP Trunk service provider

Steps below will help you route your DID number to the IP where you want your DID to point

** Make sure your IP is correct else your test might fail

Add IP Address

  • Log in your Account.
  • To add IP for your Phone system:
    • Click on Interconnection-> Manage IP
    • From Drop down Menu, Select “Add IP Address”.
      Fill the form.
      Check the Box for Enable Termination if you want to terminate calls from this IP.

Figure 1.0

Adding IP

Figure 1.1


Create free SIP Trunk account

  • To Create a free SIP Trunk cccount:
    • Click on Interconnection-> Manage SIP Account
    • Click on Add a new SIP Account.
    • Fill out the required information and Save.
    • Activate SIP Account by visiting your registered email.

Figure 2.0


Figure 2.1


Configure SIP Trunk Routing >

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