1 Click to Call

Add Call Me Now button to your website & have your visitor speak to live person.

Easy interaction

Allow your visitors to conveniently peak to an agent !

Boost Conversion

Click to call buttons have proven to raise conversion, increase revenue & customer satisfaction.

Easy Download

Download 1 click to call button for your wordpress site and increase sales.

Benefits of adding “1 Click to Call” / “Call me Now” button.

Recent studies have proven that websites with click to call or call me now button have had a higher conversion rates as compared to those who don’t. The button gives a choice to your website visitor to speak to a sales team member if they have further questions on your services. Being able to speak directly to an agent boosts their confidence in the company and are more likely to convert into customer.

  • Gives your visitors fast, free and easy means to contact you – hassle free dialing. No number to write down or dial. Just click on Call me Now!
  • Increases convenience for both the business and customer – Most effective customer and business engagement. Avoid redundant calls and queue.
  • Increases sales by reducing abandoned online purchases – All questions answered on demand with Call me Now.
  • Global solution for your business – You can choose Call me Now button to be visible to your global clients

** Best effective way of converting online traffic into fruitful conversations. 

1 Click To Call Installation Instructions

Follow these simple steps to download and install the plugin:-

  • Download the plugin file 1-ClickToCall.zip
  • Update the file in wp-content/plugin/ directory.
  • Unzip the file.
  • In Linux run the command unzip 1-ClickToCall.zip
  • Extract the zip file on your local machine.
  • Unzip it and upload the 1-ClickToCall directory to your wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation
  • Activate the plugin.

What Do you need to use Click to Call Feature to work in your WordPress?

  • You need an account with DIDForSale Signup for Free Account.
  • By default your account is allowed to call all over USA and Canada. If you need to call international locations, contact your account rep.
  • An API Key, so that our system can authenticate your application to complete the call on your behalf. You can see the API key in your account under Tools/Settings.

Once you activate the plugin, you will see a new button to setup the configuration and create short-codes.

Here are the screenshots to walk you through the steps.

1-Click-to-Call Plugin

Click on the link below to download the plugin.

1 Click to Call

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Step 1. Update the API key.



Step 2. Create a Shortcode. It can be a form or button.



Step 3. Add the Shortcode to your Widget. In this case it was added to Sidebar.



Step 4. Visit the website and you will see a button

Click on the button, user will enter the phone numbers and system will call the user and connect the call with the agent.


* Your account must have a positive balance on DIDforSale to complete the calls.

FAQ’s to use 1 Click to Call/Call me Now!

Do I need to have an account with DIDforSale to use Call me Now plugin?
Yes. For you to be able to use the fully functional call me now feature you will need to have an account with DIDforSale.

Is there a specific format that I need to use to enter the phone number when configuring the plugin?
When entering the phone number on call details button you need to enter it in following format 19499300360

Can I customize voice overs?
Yes, you can totally customize your voice overs. Make sure all the files used are in .mp3 format.

How do I know when the plugin is updated?
All our registered users will receive an update notification as soon as the 1 Click to call button is updated. The update also becomes available to them when they login to their account.

Can I use Call me Now button to schedule calls?
Call me Now button is designed to call the visitor right away and connect the call with your rep.

Can you give an example of a business that is already using 1 click to call feature?
Click to call / Call me now has become an increasingly popular feature with a lot of retail and customer support businesses. One most popular example is Amazon. With Call me now feature and Amazon Rep gets on phone within fraction of seconds when prompted by a client. While that is just one example the use of click to call has been proven success in various industries.

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