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Local Phone Numbers for your Business

With our wide range of Virtual numbers you can establish presence all over USA, UK and Canada.

Virtual numbers help establish local presence for your business across the country. With DIDForSale nationwide presence  you can get Virtual Phone number form anywhere and forward call to your main business line. With Local Phone number you can expand your business across the, state, country and even internationally. Its Simple!

How Virtual Phone Number can help your business?

We often get calls from our prospects asking us how local phone number can help there business? There is world of opportunity awaiting any business and there are no physical boundaries. Yes, that’s true you don’t have to have physical location everywhere you want your business to operate. VoIP (Voice over Internet Telephone) has unveiled the world of opportunity for all. Here benefits of having local phone number for your business:-

Local Number helps you create local presence for your business and cater regional customers.

– Choose Local Phone Number for any location where you want to establish your business.
Route Calls to anywhere.

For example if I have my business in Chicago  and I want to establish it in New York. I will find a Virtual number for New York and forward it to my office phone number or mobile number in Chicago. When customers from New York dial my business virtual phone number for New York it will actually be answered by staff in Chicago.
– Having local telephone numbers across increases the chances of receiving call from specific area. This is because in general people tend to call businesses that appear local.

     How to Receive calls and SMS on Virtual Phone number.

You can forward the call on Virtual phone number to your Local Phone number in any City and State.
– You can setup automatic transfer calls on Virtual Numbers to your Cell Phone.
– If you have Voip Phone system, we can transfer calls on Virtual telephone number to your Phone System.
– Or you can build a Customized Voice Application with our developer kit and setup custom dial plans for each Virtual numbers.

FAQ’s On Virtual Phone numbers!

How can I order my local phone numbers?

  • Start by creating your account on DIDforSale.
  • Activate account by responding to email sent to you.
  • Log into your account
  • Begin your order by selecting Buy US/UK DID or Buy Canada DID
  • Follow the steps

Is there a limit on how many local phone numbers I can get from one area code?

No, there is no limit on how many numbers you can get from a particular area.

Do I need to have office in the Area I need phone number?

No, You do not need to have physical office address in order to purchase phone number for any given area.

Can I get SMS on my Virtual phone numbers

Yes, You can receive SMS and Voice Call on all the virtual number and there is no extra charge to enable SMS service on the Virtual Numbers. There are many ways you can receive/send SMS on SMS enabled Virtual phoner numbers.

  • You can receive SMS to your email address.
  • You can use Developer Kit to buid API to send and receive SMS on Virtual Numbers.
  • Or you can send and receive SMS from your Customer portal.

When I try to purchase a phone number from my account it gives option for Metered Vs. Non Metered. What is this?

Depending on your usage of minutes DIDforSale has created packages to help you make the right choice.

  • Metered Plan (Pay as you go)
    This plan works best if you:
    – need lot of numbers in different cities.

    – low traffic on each number & want to have global presence.
  • Flat Rate Plan (Flatrate charges no per min cost)
    This plan works best if you:
    -need lot of numbers in different cities & want to have global presence.
    -moderate traffic on each number with 1000+ minutes

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