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The intuitive design of DIDforSale is fully committed to your unique business needs. Therefore build a communication platform that can handle all your client engagements most efficiently, through Voice, Messaging, SIP Trunking and Fax. Furthermore you get highest quality with largest network in USA. You also get access to simple, flexible and highly scalable solution that lets you take full control of your communication platform. Every aspect has been carefully covered to optimize performance.

Step it up

Furthermore take Control of your communications!

Don’t leave anything behind! With our out of the box solution you certainly have your communication goals covered.Whether you want to send notifications or secure application by sending dynamic verification codes or track your call back to source. Finally not to forget simple SIP/CRM integration and state of art call flow management. If you still want your imagination to go wild then checkout our API’s.

All You Need for Communication Platform

A custom solution so that you can simplify your customer’s journey by efficient communication!

Business Solutions

Enterprise Telephony

Build and Scale with the finest solution in the market.

Managed Service Provider

Gain new heights with telecom solution that gives you full control.

Software Applications

Convert your imagination to reality with our simple, powerful & scalable API’s.

Bring your ideas to life

Finally, leave your competition Behind!

Choose right tools to interact with your customers so that you can manage your customer interaction most efficiently. Our API’s boost developers adrenaline with its simple design and endless possibilities. Therefore what are you waiting for? Get started and build a custom business communication platform tailored to manage your clients most efficiently.

 A Platform for everyone

Whether you are looking for SIP Trunking, Phone Numbers, SMS solution, Fax, 9-1-1 or API’s we got it all .


Inbound SIP Trunking / OriginationOutbound SIP Trunking / Termination

Buy local, tollfree and vanity numbers

Works with any SIP Compatible PBX or SIP Trunking Softswitch

Redundant network

Flexible termination

Low cost, High Quality

Bulk pricing available

All phone numbers are *SMS enabled*

Developers api

Customize phone system.

Build Voice API


Create authentication system

Manage and Route calls through web

Manage call workflow

Choose any programming language

Purchase & Authenticate DID numbers / phone numbers

Flexible account management

“Been using DIDforSale for a number of years now, very responsive and proactive staff. Needed a different config for a WAZO install, 3 of us got on a phone call promptly had it figured out.  I like the new Account Interface tools. Very competitive pricing and many free test numbers for config testing.There is no need to go anywhere else.” UT Services

“I have done business with these folks for at least three years without incident – which says a lot! They are technically very savvy; do not let their website’s front-end fool you. They are also very knowledgeable and helpful with VoIP in general. You won’t go wrong placing your trust in them.” R Cohen

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