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We are so confident that we let you try our VoIP and SIP Trunking services for free, no payment required. You have nothing to lose.

Use a single, nationwide VoIP Service provider

With Local phone numbers in more than 11,000 rate centers DIDForSale offers one of the largest coverage in the country, enabling you to choose a single SIP provider for all of your VoIP Telephone needs.

Reduced Telephone Bill

No need to purchase separate telephone lines for each location, leverage the benefit of your existing IP PBX investment. Purchase only the trunks you need. You can always increase and decrease the capacity based on your needs.

Unlimited Minutes on SIP Trunks

With our Unlimited SIP Trunk, you get absolutely unlimited inbound minutes no fair use policy.

Buy What you Need

With DIDForSale SIP Trunking service, you purchase only the trunks you need based on the maximum number of concurrent calls your business needs. Our SIP trunk costs are significantly less expensive than traditional telephone lines, thus helping businesses reduce telephone costs extensively.

Awesome Customer Support

We will never leave you unattended. DIDForSale SIP Trunking solutions are fully functional with any SIP Based Phone system. Our engineers will work with you throughout the installation process to ensure everything works flawlessly. Remember “Try before your buy”. So you are at no risk.

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