SIP Trunking for FreePBX

Use SIP Trunk from DIDforSale with Freepbx to build a scalable and powerful phone system!

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DIDforSale offers SIP Trunking solution that is fully compatible with FreePBX. Our SIP Trunks are reliable, easy to configure and provide users with complete flexibility. With 13,000+ rate centers we have largest coverage in US and Canada. User gets full control of their system through easy to use interface and our highly qualified technical is ever ready to provide support with any road blocks. 


FreePBX is a free and open source platform built on top of Asterisk sponsored by Digium.  FreePBX is the registered trademark of Sangoma Technologies and DIDforSale disclaims any and all  ownership or other rights to this trademark. FreePBX was created by and is maintained by a community of developers who have devoted their efforts to developing a functional, easy to use sophisticated phone system software. FreePBX is used by businesses of all sizes in both public and private sector to build communication applications.

DIDforSale Architecture

This brief architecture of the big picture will help you understand where DIDforSale fits in your communication application.
Once you setup FreePBX as your IP PBX and have at-least one phone configured and running calls you can now configure SIP Trunks from DIDforSale.

Te get detailed step by step direction you can follow instructions laid down in our FreePBX integration guide. To access the integration document visit  Documents Library and download the PDF.

Why DIDforSale is better choice for FreePBX?

  • Ease of Use: extremely easy to use interface.
  • Scalable: add or remove channels per your need.
  • Number Portability: you can easily port your existing numbers to DIDforSale.
  • Affordable: get access to affordable and high quality local, tollfree and vanity phone numbers.
  • SMS Compatible: all of our phone numbers are SMS enabled.
  • CNAM: pass Caller ID name in your phone number.
  • Fax: send online fax using your office phone number.
  • Codec’s Supported: G.711, G.729, u-Law, a-Law.

FAQ’s on SIP Trunking for FreePBX

Where can I download FreePBX from?

You can download the latest version of FreePBX by vising the official site at

Will you help me configure SIP Trunk from DIDforSale for FreePBX?

Yes. Our tech team is fully equipped to provide support to our customers with any configuration related questions.

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