SMS Service

Businesses SMS Service unlocks the global world of Text Messaging.

What is Business SMS Service?

Phone numbers from DIDforSale can be used to Send and Receive text messages for your business.

How to use Text Messaging Service?

Text Messaging service can be used with SMS api, and can be integrated with your SMS apps.

Benefits of SMS Text Messaging

Text Messaging is Most Effective to Communicate

Most of the text messages that you send have 98% chances of being read. This means that the text message that you send has a very high likelihood of being received while it is most relevant.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the most effective mode to communicate with your customers. With SMS API, you can build bulk text messaging applications in minutes.

Personalized Communication with SMS Messaging Service

SMS Messaging service can be used to send personalized SMS messages. With SMS api you can build bulk SMS service and  personalize every single message for individuals.

Customize Sender ID for Each Text Message

You can customize the sender identity by specifying the “from” parameter to be any SMS-enabled DIDforSale’s number.

SMS Forwarding

SMS Forwarding for Local DIDs gives you the option of receiving your messages on one number while keeping your personal cell number private.

Integrate with DIDforSale’s SMS API today and start reaping the benefits of SMS.

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How to Send and Receive SMS using DIDforSale’s Phone Numbers?

We provide complete flexibility and multiple options to our users to receive, send or reply to the SMS message in the medium that best suits their needs.


  • To email
  • Forward to phone number (extra charge)
  • DIDForSale Customer Portal
  • Forward to URL (Mainly for developers and integrated with SMS API)


  • From Customer Portal
  • From URL (Using SMS API)
  • Click and Reply Link in the Email. (coming soon)
  • Special app URL (coming soon)

Questions that our clients Frequently Ask Us

All number are SMS enabled by Default?

All the phone numbers purchased from DFS can be SMS enabled numbers. SMS service is independent to phone service and you can enable/disable SMS service on any number in your account.

How does SMS Forwarding works?

Our cPaas platform offers most flexible SMS forwarding options suitable to all the size business. You can forward SMS to your email, another phone number or even use a webhook to forward the SMS to your web application. You can send SMS by just replying to your email, or using APIs or login in your portal to send and reply to SMS.

Can I send SMS to landline phones?

You can send SMS to only SMS enabled numbers. Usually all the cell phones are SMS enabled. If you send SMS to non-sms enabled numbed that message will rejected by the receiving carrier.

Can I use SMS service for marketing purpose?

Yes, as long as you are sending SMS to opted in users. We have zero tolerance for any fraud, spam or phishing scams.

Can I use local phone numbers to send SMS to my list of opted-in users from my application?

Usually local phone numbers are used to P2P, you want to send SMS from your application, we suggest using Toll Free numbers. SMS enabled toll free numbers are great alternative to short-codes and gives you better branding.

SMS via Email – Receiving, Replying & Sending

DIDForSale’s new feature will enable its user to receive, reply & send SMS via email. This will help individuals and resellers the capability to allow anyone to receive, reply & send SMS via using an email address. Easy setup. As simple as sending or receiving...

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SMS Authentication API

Create Dynamic code for SMS Authentication. Verify user identities, provide strong security for critical account information with Multi-factor authentication.

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