If you are using programmable voice and SMS service from Twilio and looking to save money. DIDForSale can be a potential alternate. DIDForSale ‘s communication platform which can be used to build real time voice and SMS applications. You can start using the service just in few minutes with just few lines of code. Check out Getting Started with Programming Voice

How does programmable voice Works, (Picture can be worth of 1000 words)

Programmable Voice and SMS

DIDforSale Voice API

Check out basic price difference and see how much you can save if you move from Twilio to DIDForSale.

Price Comparison
Dedicated Number$1.0000$1.0000
Incoming Calls$0.0085$0.0040
Outgoing Call$0.0130$0.0089
Incoming SMS$0.0075$0.0050
Outgoing SMS$0.0075$0.0050
Toll Free$0.0220$0.0190
Call Recording$0.0025$0.0000
SIP Termination$0.0040$0.0000


Lets get the real number based on some assumptions.

CountTwilio CostDFS CostSavings
Dedicated Number100$100.0000$100.0000$0.0000
Incoming Calls100000$850.0000$400.0000$450.0000
Outgoing Call100000$1,300.0000$890.0000$410.0000
Incoming SMS100000$750.0000$500.0000$250.0000
Outgoing SMS100000$750.0000$500.0000$250.0000
Toll Free100000$2,200.0000$1,900.0000$300.0000
Call Recording100000$250.0000$0.0000$250.0000
SIP Termination100000$400.0000$0.0000$400.0000

Contact our sales and support team. We can help you get started and will provide you free support to migrate your existing code to DIDForSale. With the largest coverage in US and Canda, DIDForSale can be your one stop platform for voice and SMS needs.