Most of the voip service providers offers multitier SIP Trunking plans. This is not only confusing but also turns out to be atleast 25-30% more expensive to most consumers. Lets review by an example. Say a company needs local telephone numbers all over US to provide local reach to their customer. Toll free is obviously an option, but the cost of owning a toll free number is 10 times more than local access numbers. Not only that Local access numbers also called DID (direct inward dialing) numbers improve your company’s visibilities in local areas, but also work better for search engines as compare to toll free numbers.

So for most companies traffic is never the same for 24 hours. There is always more traffic during some hours as compare to others. Here is sample usage for a normal calling card business. Most VoIP service providers offer Tiered rates. Tiers 1 for East Coast states, Tier 2 for central USA and Tier 3 for West zone. So this business has peak traffic in morning around 9:00 and 8:00 PM in each zone. So morning 9:00 AM in Newyork is 6:00 AM in CA. By the time traffic increase in CA, you see a decline in traffic in Tier 1, East Coast. But the service provider is going to charge you for the peaks in each zone. Notice 500 Channels (tier 3) usage at 12:00 PM (which is 9:00 AM in CA). At the same time Tier 1 usage is only 300 Channels. You are not allowed to use the unused capacity in one tier to the other tier. You have to pay for the total of 1500 Channels (@ 500 Channels peak in each zone). While at DIDForSale we calculate the usage based on total of all the zones at any give time. We dont charge based on max of each zone. With our largest single tier coverage in US, our customers pay almost 30% less.

Time ESTTier1Tier2Tier3DIDForSaleTotal Tier Commitment
1:00 AM1001001003001500
2:00 AM1001001003001500
3:00 AM1001001003001500
4:00 AM1001001003001500
5:00 AM1001001003001500
6:00 AM1501001003501500
7:00 AM2501501005001500
8:00 AM3502501507501500
9:00 AM50035015010001500
10:00 AM40050025011501500
11:00 AM30040035010501500
12:00 PM30030050011001500
1:00 PM30030040010001500
2:00 PM2503003008501500
3:00 PM3002503008501500
4:00 PM3003003009001500
5:00 PM3003002508501500
6:00 PM3503003009501500
7:00 PM50035030011501500
8:00 PM40050030012001500
9:00 PM30040035010501500
10:00 PM30030050011001500
11:00 PM1503004008501500
12:00 AM1001503005501500

This is how the Graph looks like. Short duration peaks in each zone cost you more and wider peak as compare to DIDForSale

Tiered SIP Trunking Comparision

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