Finally DIDforSale is offering the SIP DIDs (also know as Virtual Numbers) all over US. DIDForSale offer dids in 2500+ rate centers all over US. We can provide you DID numbers all over the US with no minimum commitments.

DIDforSale is the only company (best of our knowledge) in US who is offering 20 channels and unlimited minutes DIDs.

#of DID’s/Month
Rate (USD)/DID

Some important feature are:
1. More than 2500 rate centers all over US.
2. Its all SIP, no need to configure TDM card, which makes things much simpler.
3. No Minimum requirement from Each rate center most of service providers have. I know XO for sure have this limit.
4. No Limit on Minutes.
5. Each DID comes with Upto 20 Simultaneous channels.
6. Perfect solutions for VoIP service providers, Call centers and Calling Card applications.
7. We can do Fail over/Load Balancing for your DIDs for Extra $1 for each DID and Each extra IP.
8. Work with any SIP Service (Asterisk, SER, OpenSer, FreeSwitch)

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