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Explore versatile SMS solutions for seamless communication. Send and receive messages easily with our local phone number, toll-free phone number and vanity phone number.

Local PhoneNumbers

Enhance your customer experience with local phone numbers for SMS & MMS messaging. Say goodbye to unfamiliar 6-digit shortcodes and leverage your business number for sending promotional, notification, and reminder messages. All DIDforSale phone numbers are SMS-enabled, ensuring seamless communication.

Toll-free Numbers

Elevate your global brand interactions with our SMS-enabled toll-free numbers, providing a unified voice and messaging solution. Choose from popular prefixes like 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 for effortless SMS & MMS communication. Recognized as A2P by CTIA, these numbers empower bulk messaging from a single, trusted source.

Vanity PhoneNumber

Make a bold statement with a Vanity phone number and leave a lasting impression. Vanity numbers enhance brand identity through memorable digits, making it easy for customers to recall. Unify your voice and messaging communications seamlessly with these distinctive numbers.

Benefits Of SMS API


SMS Open Rate

5 min

Time to Open SMS


SMS resonse rate

Increased Efficiency

Manage messages with automated tasks.

Increased Visibility

Track every message sent.


Manage how you want to send/receive messages.

Fast & Reliable

Send 100s of messages in minutes.

Easy Integration

Works with 3rd party tools.

Better Analytics

Connect with webhooks and build reports.

SMS API Use Cases

DIDforSale's VoIP based communication products are designed for businesses and enterprises to have the most effective and efficient interaction with their customers.

Keep your customers informed and notified from time to time. Some of the examples of notifications are delivery notifications, account activations, reminders, etc.
Keep your customers informed by sending urgent or non-urgent alerts. Some of the examples of an alert notification are severe weather messages, crime alert in a neighborhood, bank transactions etc.
SMS has made it easier to get customer’s immediate attention to last-minute changes flight schedule, hotel reservation, & package delay.
No more missed appointments or meetings. Send timely reminders and schedule updates to avoid no shows.
Manage meeting schedules, staff schedules, shift schedules, volunteer schedules, and all your other scheduling through SMS and keep everyone on top of their schedules.
Customers like talking to real people but they might not always be able to take a call. Respond to your customer’s queries through convenient messaging.
Businesses have attained maximum success in marketing with SMS. Promotional messages have not only brought more traffic but has also given a boost to sales.
Secure your customers’ accounts & information. With 2-factor authentication, this adds a layer of security to avoid fraud.


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Our SMS API is built for reliability, ensuring that your messages are delivered consistently and on time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An SMS API, short for SMS Application Programming Interface, serves as a bridge that enables software applications to send and receive SMS messages in an automated manner. This is achieved by empowering developers to seamlessly incorporate SMS functionalities into their software, websites, or systems through predefined code and designated communication points
An SMS API provides a convenient and efficient way to send automated messages, notifications, alerts, and marketing campaigns. It offers scalability, customization, and automation for businesses to reach their audiences effectively.
Integration typically involves making HTTP requests to our API endpoints, using the provided API keys and documentation. Our support team can assist you with integration details specific to your programming language or platform.
Message limits may vary based on your subscription plan. Please refer to our pricing and plans for details on message quotas.

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