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Consumer VoIP: Where Is It Going?

When VoIP came along, a lot of its pundits believed it’s going to be the end of the long-distance phone companies—there would be no more monopoly. And for a while, it worked, because companies such...

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How to Get Started with VoIP

You’ve finally decided to use VoIP for your business and are definitely ready to implement it. But what steps should you take? Here’s a simple guide on how to begin using VoIP: 1. Check your...

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Compare VoIP products

It is hardly surprising that VoIP phone service, often referred to as internet phone service, is taking the world by storm. In addition to the substantial cost savings, a VoIP phone service delivers...

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Configure VoIP services with Dynamic IP

To Get the best quality of VoIP services one should have Static IP address. But there are situations where customers does not have static IP and they have to change the IP in Manage IP to keep the...

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