Asterisk Most frequently used commands

Find most frequently used asterisk commands. This is simple cheat sheet to view what’s happening inside your asterisk server. You can see how many calls, how many users who is communicating with your system.

How to disable icesupport in asterisk

This is for customer using Asterisk flavored PBX. icesupport is enabled by default that causes the call to hangup right after 200 OK. As of writing of this document, DIDForSale registered sip trunk with asterisk does not support icesupport.

Choppy lines or call breaks on asterisk

SIP Trunks for Asterisk Try Now Compatible PBX & VoIP Phones check out Flexible SIP Trunk Pricing check out Choppy lines or call breaks on Asterisk. Choppy line is a common problem when we use SIP signaling. The main reasons for the issue are Bandwidth, Codec, Lots of...

How to create extensions in asterisk-pbx?

A SIP extension is configured in the SIP channel driver configuration file, called sip.conf. (This file resides in the Asterisk configuration directory, which is typically /etc/asterisk.)
Open sip.conf with your favorite text editor, scroll to the bottom of the file, and add a section for your extension. You’ll need to choose your own unique password for each account, and change the permit line to match the settings for your local network.