Configure GrandStream SIP Trunk.

Configure GrandStream 502 ATA with DIDForSale SIP Trunking Service. You can get the phone number from anywhere in US and point it to your GS 502 ATA anywhere in the world. There is not extra charge for routing calls to your ata.

FreePBX SIP Trunk Configuration

FREEPBX SIP TRUNK CONFIGURATION For creating a sip trunk between didforsale and your FreePBX system, first create a sip account from your didforsale account. For creating the sip account, log in to your didforsale dashboard, go to Interconnection > Manage SIP Accounts...

Free Phone Conferencing

DIDForSale is leading nationwide SIP Trunking service provider. Along with largest coverage and best rates our customer enjoy free conferencing services. Free conference call services allow you to meet by telephone with your customers, relatives or colleagues.

Changing Default SIP Port in Asterisk

SIP Trunks for Asterisk Try Now Compatible PBX & VoIP Phones check out Flexible SIP Trunk Pricing check out Changing Default SIP Port in Asterisk Asterisk by default use 5060 as its sip signaling port. It is a good idea to change the default sip port as most of the...

MATH Dialplan Function in Asterisk

Asterisk provides the MATH function to do mathematical operations from dialplan. It allows to perform mathematical operations between two parameters. The syntax for math function is MATH(expression,type) The operators supported by math function are...