Time based Call Forwarding

Time based Call Forwarding

With our CPAAS, you can create dynamic time based call forwarding. Whenever a customer call your number, our system will call webhook url defined for that number and you can dynamically send the number you want to forward the call to. Below is a small sample php script, you can setup call forwarding in minutes without even having a phone system.

Benefits of Scheduled call forwarding:

Forward business calls to any number, any device and, at any location, anytime.

  • Automatically forward phone calls to any phone number, such as your call center on east coast, call center in Asia or South America, based on the time of the day to ensure your calls always get answered.
  • Forward calls to any extension, phone number, group, or department simultaneously or sequentially.
  • You can specify the number of times each phone rings before calls forward to the next telephone number.
  • It’s easy to forward calls based on caller ID information, the time of day, date range, and more; ensuring important callers are prioritized and quickly routed to the right person or department.

Here is a sample php script to transfer call to 3 different location based on time.

Save this in your website as say “http://www.businessphoneservice.us/phone/callforwarding.php”

Now all you need to do is update the DID routing to this web hook URL,

How to configure the Phone to webhook URL?

  • Login your DIDForSale customer portal.
  • Click on Manage Products
    • Select the DID number you want to forward to your web URL.
    • Choose DID action to “Update SMS Forwarding” 
    • Click on Save. Next time when a customer call the number, phone system will call the best url get the dial plan  in xml format and connect the caller to the number.

Dynamically Call forwarding to another number.

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Click to Call

DIDForSale Voice API, lets you create a Click on Call Application in your website. With the Sample code and DIDForSale API, you can create a simple Click to Call form, ask the user to enter a phone number and click on call me now button. Code will call DIDForSale Voice API and will dial the customers number. Once the customer pick up the call, he will be connected to the agent.

Why should I have Click to Call Button?

  • Your customer is visiting your website and they want to talk to someone right now, in placing of calling your business line, going through IVR and wait in queue, she chooses your agent to call her.
  • This is another way to connect the customer to the right person. Great way to increase the sales.
  • Customer can not to dial out long distance number.

How Click to Call Works:

  • In this example, user will see the form. Type in their phone number with country code and click on call me now button.
  • PHP code will take the number, call the DIDForSale API to complete the call.
  • Code will call the API and post the following information in JSON format.
  • ‘from’ => $CALLERID, ‘to’ => $to, ‘apikey’ => $APIKEY.
  • DIDForSale voice application will call the “TO” Number first.
  • Once the person pick up the call, then call will be connected to the caller ID number immediately. This caller id number can be main business number or direct line to an agent or even a call queue in the call center.

What Do you need to use Click to Call Feature to Work with DIDForSale Voice API:

  • You need an account with DIDForSale Signup for Free Account.
  • By default your account is allowed to call all over USA and Canada. If you need to call international locations, contact your account rep.
  • And API Key, so that our system can authenticate your application to complete the call on your behalf.

Can I get a new local phone to be used for Click to Call:

Yes, you purchase new number from anywhere in USA, UK and Canada. That number can be connected to your PBX with SIP Trunking service.

Once you have a working account, you can build your own application to connect with your customers. Here is sample PHP code to build your own Click to Call Application.

Want to build more complicated Voice Application? Check out Developer Kit. There you can find more documentation to build Voice or SMS applications.