DidforSale is now certified SIP Trunk provider for Shortel PBX system

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — DIDforSale, leading SIP Trunking provider announced today that DIDforSale SIP Trunking and DID services have been validated for interoperability with ShoreTel’s unified communications (UC) systems. DIDforSale became a member of ShoreTel Network Solutions to provide premium-quality, cost -effective SIP Trunking for ShoreTel channel partners, resellers and business customers.

Kunal Mital, CEO at DIDForSale said, “With the largest coverage network in USA, UK and Canada, DIDforSale SIP Trunking services offer native connectivity to the ShoreTel UC systems and can be deployed over existing internet connections or via a dedicated connection backed by an experienced technical support team at DIDforSale.”

DIDforSale SIP Trunking services offers seamless connectivity between the legacy and next-generation solutions, offering premium quality, multi-modal communication features to its customers, such as HD video and audio which legacy services aren’t able to support. Additionally, DIDforSale SIP Trunking services reduces redundancy enabling businesses to be more efficient and productive, while still saving on the added costs that comes along with offering these services for organizations which operate from single or multiple locations.

DIDforSale offer customers fully integrated, cutting edge encryption to automate ordering and buying of DIDs and SIP trunks with confidence. Mr. Jai Rangi, CTO added saying ,”DIDforSale SIP Trunking services is easily scalable and can be quickly deployed in as little as a week without a business having to experience any hiccups or delays to their day-to-day business process when it comes to (VoIP) and UC deployments.”

About ShoreTel

ShoreTel, Inc. is a leading provider of brilliantly simple unified communications (UC) products, cloud services and IP phone systems powering today’s always-on workforce. Recognized for its industry-leading customer experience, ShoreTel’s innovative contact center solutions, application integration, collaboration tools, mobility, SIP Trunking and business phones enable users to communicate and collaborate no matter the time, place or device, with minimal demand on IT resources. For more information, visit www.shoretel.com.

About DIDforSale

DIDforSale is a leading VOIP service provider of SIP Trunking, Toll free numbers and A-Z termination. The company provides cost effective cloud based custom solutions to small/mid sized enterprises, distributors and wholesale businesses delivering high-quality voice, premium features and unified communications. Recently, DIDforSale launched cutting edge web application module enabling its clients to automate the ordering and configuration of DID number and channels. Headquartered in Southern California, USA DIDforSale is a subsidiary of Cebod Technologies, which has been in VOIP business since 2007.  For more information, visit www.didforsale.com or call 800-579-7676.

Read the published version on Yahoo Finance. Visit : http://finance.yahoo.com/news

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