DIDForSale leader in Origination and Termination SIP trunking services, offers the largest Coverage in US, UK and Canada, now offers E911 service for the DIDs purchased through us.

Here are easy steps to enable CNAM to your DIDs

  • Login in your webportal at www.didforsale.com
  • Click on “Add CNAM Service”
  • You will see the list all your VoIP DIDs, assigned to your SIP trunk. Select the VoIP DID you want to enable CNAM on.
  • CNAM service must be enabled for each DID.
  • Click on Confirm.

We have two different plans for CNAM service, metered and Flat Rate. For All the DID enabled for CNAM, we add the caller ID name to each call. If the phone number does not have registered caller ID name, we get City and State as Caller ID Name. In case of international calls we send Country Name as CNAM field.

In Metered CNAM Service you pay per query. For every call you receive you will pay flat fee. In Flat Rate, you pay only $1 per DID and get unlimited Queries (Fair Use policy apply).

Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.

WholeSale SIP Trunk Provider

* Flatrate CNAM service is available only for normal business use and cant be used for High Volume Inbound calls for Call Center and Calling Card.