You need to allow our IPs in your freeswitch server to receive calls from the DID number. For that, go to your freeswitch configuration directory and edit the file acl.conf.xml inside the autoload directory of freeswitch configuration directory. Find the domains section in the configuration file and add our IPs as shown below

<node type=”allow” cidr=”″/>

<node type=”allow” cidr=”″/>


Now you need to add a dialplan entry in your server to catch the incoming calls to the DID number. For that go to your freeswitch configuration directory, then move to dialplan/public directory and add an xml file there with any name with the below contents.


<extension name=”incoming_did”>

<condition field=”destination_number” expression=”^(13043935064)$”>

<action application=”transfer” data=”1000 XML default”/>





NOTE: Replace 13043935064 with your DID number


This dialplan will route all incoming calls coming to the did number to extension 1000


You will need to reload your acl and xml after doing the configuration. For doing that, go to freeswitch cli by using command “fs_cli” and run the commands reloadacl and reloadxml.


Please test it and let us know if you where not able to get this working. Feel free to write us on

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