Are you looking into starting a VoIP Business? But don’t know where to start?

VoIP has been changing how communication happens for all the industries. This increases opportunities for all those who want to play part in VoIP Communication. Its often challenging to decide how you can start your own VoIP business? While the opportunities are seemless you need to choose the path that you are going to set on. You can choose one of the three options for your business model.

BUY the technology and sell the services.

BUILD the technology and sell the services.

RESELL the services.

Lets take a closer look at each of the business models and see which one might best suit your needs.


  • BUY the technology and sell the services.

    If money is not a concern then you can just choose to buy from the available products and begin selling them.

    Benefit: Since it’s a pre-developed product you do not need to invest time and money to create the technology. With this option you can hit the ground up and running within 3 – 6 months of time frame.

    Cons: Since it’s a pre-developed product you do not have any or limited control on the product itself. Making changes within the product itself can be very limited. Also you pay for the “x” number of licenses when you buy the product. For any kind of expansion you will have to pay extra.

  • BUILD the technology and sell the services

    If you have the technical expertise and knowledge to develop your product then this is your way to go.

    Benefit: It’s your product so you have full control on any kind of modification, upgrade or expansion.

    Cons: Can be time consuming and requires technical expertise to develop and modify product.

  • RESELL the services

    Don’t have the technical expertise or the money but have excellent Business and Sales skills? You can still be VoIP Provider. How? You can be Reseller. For any newcomer in the VoIP industry, the best option is to be a reseller. By being a VoIP reseller, you can make your business more scalable, purchasing only those you need at a particular moment. It lets you maximize whatever resources are available.

    Benefit: There are several benefits of being a reseller.

      • Faster setup time: Everything you need is already there. All you have to do is to develop the means to deploy it to your customers. You can also get an incredible technical and customer support from the whole seller, speeding up the installation process further.
      • Secured System: Security is a very critical part of any communication infrastructure, especially since VoIP is basically online. Internet security threats are real and they are expected to become more widespread in the coming years.
      • No capital investment: Becoming a reseller is by far low before hand expenditure. If you want to start your business right away, then becoming a reseller is the most sensible choice. In fact, some wholesalers can provide you the hardware and software you need at a deferred payment plan, which means that you don’t need to raise funds at the get-go to start your business.
      • Multiple Channels: Since you are a reseller you can be reseller for any number of companies you choose. You have as many opportunities as you choose.

    Cons: Since you are a Reseller you do not own any product or infrastructure.