DID Number

DID is Direct Inward Dialing, this is a feature that is provided by the VoIP service providers to their customers. A DID number just like any phone number can be connected to the a PBX (private branch exchange) system owned by customer, and will therefore enable telephone communication.

DIDforSale’s Service Network

Going local to global has never been simpler! With DIDforSale’s widespread network you can take you business across the borders. DIDforSale currently provides DID Numbers in, USA, UK and Canada. With over 11,000 rate-centers just in USA, DIDforsale is one of the largest DID service provider in the nation.

USA DID Number

Why to Buy DID Numbers from DIDforSale?

  • Low price DID Numbers with wide area of coverage with 11,000+ rate centers.
  • Redundant systems for high uptime.
  • No minimum purchase commitments.
  • Premium Origination.
  • Supports Failover.
  • Supports Load Balancing.
  • No Limit on inbound minutes.
  • No TDM card configuration required! Its all VoIP.
  • Works with multiple SIP services including but not limited to Asterisk, SER, OpenSer, FreeSwitch.
  • Each DID Number comes with 20 simultaneous channels.

Want to Test Our DID Numbers?

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did number free trial

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