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FreePBX is a free and open source platform built on top of Asterisk sponsored by Digium. The open source Asterisk based platform is used by businesses of all sizes in both public and private sector to build communication applications.

SIP Trunks from DIDforSale are fully compatible with FreePBX. DIDforSale provides complete support in configuration of SIP Trunk on FreePBX phone system.

A brief architecture of the big picture will help you understand what role does FreePBX system play in your communication application?

FreePBX is free and open source PBX (Private Branch Exchange). However PBX is just one of the many applications that can be built with Asterisk. When using Asterisk PBX the calls sent to you by your phone provider are forwarded to Asterisk PBX. From there the switch determines how to route those calls. In cases where calls are routed to analog phones the adapter is used as a liaison between the switch and the analog phone.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to get started with FreePBX SIP Trunking with DIDForSale?

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Where can I download freepbx phone system from?

You can download the latest version of Asterisk by vising the official site for freepbx at

How many concurrent calls can freepbx support?

There is no correct figure. It depends on what type of application you do with freepbx and system cpu and memory configuration. Do you do any transcoding, voice recroding etc. Everything consume some resource.

Can we interconnect freepbx sip trunk with any other sip servers?

Yes, freepbx can be interconnected with any SIP servers. DIDForSale SIP trunk can be connected with freepbx in less that 5 minutes.

Can we use freepbx to connect PSTN network?

Yes you can, but you need to use special hardware for connecting asterisk to pstn network. That being said, with DIDForSale SIP trunking you don’t need any special hardward. We are 100 true VoIP company and provide you 100% VoIP based interconnection with PSTN.

Can I record my calls in freepbx?

Yes , freepbx provide a configuration setting to record your calls.

Can I run freepbx behind NAT?

Yes, asterisk can run behind NAT.

What server configurations are required for freepbx?

This depends on the type of application you run with Asterisk. freepbx can run even on a minimal server with 10 GB hard drive and 500 MB RAM.

What are the operating systems supported by Freepbx?

Freepbx can be installed in all Linux distributions, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Macintosh OS X.

Will I get a graphical user interface (GUI) for asterisk to do the configuration?

Yes, Freepbx comes with nicely build graphical interface. You can view and manage the phone system using web browser from anywhere.

How can I monitor my calls in Freepbx?

There are many third party gui for asterisk or you can use asterisk CLI to monitor all calls and events happening in your server.

What VoIP phones can be used with Freepbx?

All SIP or IAX supported IP phones, soft phones or mobile applications can be used with freepbx.

If I buy service from DIDForSale, will you help me configure the system?

DIDForSale provide tech support to configure and setup your Asterisk system. We not only help you with the setup, we can also make suggestions based on your needs.

DIDforSale provides FREE SIP Trunking technical support for their customers!