Two Factor Authentication

Verify users with SMS code or Voice code

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Substantiate authenticity of your users by adding a second layer of security to your system.

Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

How does it work?

how two factor authentication works

First user confirms their identity by entering username and password to log into the system!

Then DIDforSale Verification system sends out one time verification code using SMS or Voice to the phone number associated with account.

User then gets access code via the preferred method voice call or SMS message.

They then enter this code to get access to their account. Once entered and verified they are granted access.

Benefits of 2FA

Enhanced Security
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security to the login process followed by the username/password. This secondary layer of security is added by sending a unique code via SMS or Voice to users mobile number attached to the account.

Verified Customers
With 2FA users are prompted to verify their identity by entering the one time unique access code sent to their mobile number. This confirms that the user accessing the account is a verified user.

Secured Identity
Since 2FA verifies user authenticity upon login it prevents hackers from easily accessing accounts by stealing username & passwords. This helps secure user identity and data.

Simple Implementation
With the use of Two Factor Authentication API businesses can conveniently add 2FA to their login process. The API manages authentication and automates messages through SMS and Voice to send unique code.

DIDforSale provides comprehensive solution to implement two factor authentication.

Its Simple ◊ Reliable Scale able  ◊ Convenient.

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