DIDforSale, a leading SIP DID provider in USA continues to strive for the best and give the best to their clients. We recently conducted a Customer and Product Satisfaction Survey. The survey was sent out to our existing active clients. We are amazed and excited by the results and want to share them with you.


  • Our Product Quality continues to beat the charts: DIDforSale offers inbound and outbound DID products. In the recent survey majority of our Users rated our product to be of superior quality. Superior DID quality has been one of the top five goals for DIDforsale and there have been multiple efforts made by the team to maintain their quality standards beyond the industry. Its due to this unbeatable quality that DIDforSale has high customer retention rate.
    The product quality survey results clearly state that:-

91.5% customer have rated our product beyond average.
93.7% customer have rated the SIP DID voice quality to be beyond average. And
91.5% have rated product quality to be beyond average.

  • Customer Service: Along with the product quality Customer Service is one of the areas of prime focus for the DIDforSale team. Where 83% of our clients have rated our customer support to be beyond average we still strive to increase this number. One of our slogans for the year is “Leave no customer behind”.


  • Cheapest DID provider in USA: While the product quality is superior DIDforSale is one of the cheapest SIP DID provider in USA. There is no compromise on the DID quality for the price. Low cost DID with multiple channels topped with superior product quality gives all the more reason for businesses to partner with DIDforSale.  Our Survey results reflect how our clients feel about our price is.

    • Recommendable Service?: One of the questions on the survey asked if the existing clients would recommend DIDforsale to others and we were totally thrilled with the responses. 75% of our clients would absolutely recommend DIDforSale as a leading SIP DID provider in US with great customer support. 19.30% say they may recommend our service provided they would like DIDforSale to expand their market in Canada & Europe.