• 1. 5 W’s of SIP TRUNKING Who? What? Where? When? Why? By DIDforSale
  • 2. What is SIP Trunking? SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is a technology used for establishing a voice communication session over data network/internet. A SIP Trunk is the “virtual” phone line provided by the SIP Trunk provider. SIP Trunk is used to provide the phone service via Internet
  • 3. Why switch to sip trunking? • Cost Benefits • Does not require physical telephone line • Eliminate BRI (Basic Rate Interface) and PRI (Primary Rate Interface) • Can save more than 60% on telephone bills • Scalable • Easy to add telephone lines as the company grows with lower investment. • Direct your calls anywhere in the world • Flexible termination of calls to preferred providers
  • 4. When to Switch? Prior to switching to SIP TRUNK following considerations are required:- 1. Assess the usage of telephone in your business. For example how many people are concurrently on phone? This will help you decide how many channels you need 2. Examine your existing network. What is the total bandwidth, Quality of Service and firewalls 3. Do you have an Onsite PBX or IP PBX ? 4. Identify the existing telephone numbers that you would like to port and any new numbers that you might want to order.
  • 5. Who offers sip trunking service? Just like the traditional phone system there are many providers that offer SIP Trunking. DIDforsale has been a leading SIP Trunking provider with over 11,000 rate centers.
  • 6. Wondering where to go from here? Take your existing communication to next level with SIP TRUNK!