Over the last few years calling card business have been very competitive. Customers have too many options. Companies have to pay for origination, termination, manage the systems networks. With all these expenses it has become very competitive that directly affect your profits. We have noticed the termination cost going down quite a bit over last few years and most of the companies get good deal on termination. But still lots of people are paying too much for origination.

Some of our customers switched to didforsale and saving lots of money every month. We offer Inbound Virtual numbers specially designed for calling card companies and call centers. Our flat rate inbound DID are just $8.99 per month. Each DID comes with 20 channels where 20 people can call at the same time. Normally a good calling card company takes 50 to 300 numbers and uses 400 to 2000 simultaneous channels. So lets take an average of 150 numbers and 600 channels.

Your cost at DIDforsale will be $8 x 150 = $1200 + tax per month. You don’t have to pay anything extra, no per minute charges and no per channels costs. While other VoIP service providers charges very low cost on the DID but charges very high price on per channel cost. Based on our research average market price is $1 per DID and $12 per channels. So the same company with 150 DID and 600 channels will be paying:
150 x $1 + $12 x 600 = $7350 per month.

Compare the prices $1200 vs $7350.

Talk to our sales professional and let us help you save money on your VoIP needs.

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