Here are some of the most commonly used Asterisk Commands:-

asterisk –rvvvv : Enter Asterisk cli

sip show peers : Check registered sip users in asterisk

sip set debug on : Enable sip debugging

sip set debug ip x.x.x.x : Enable sip debug for IP x.x.x.x

sip set debug peer xxxx : Enable sip debug for  extension xxxx

sip set debug off : Disable sip debug

core stop now : stop asterisk service from cli

core restart now : restart asterisk service from cli

core show version: Check version of asterisk

sip show channels : check running sip channels

core set debug 5 : set the core debug to level 5

core set verbose 9 : set verbosity level to 9

reload : Reloading complete asterisk configuration

dialplan reload : reload dialplan only

sip reload : reload sip settings only

dialplan show : shows all the dialplans in the system

core show applications : list all the available dialplan applications in asterisk

core show functions : list all the available dialplan functions in asterisk

asterisk –rx “command” : Running asterisk commands outside of CLI

asterisk -rx “sip show channels” :  Will Display running channels.