Configure GrandStream SIP Trunk.

Configure GrandStream 502 ATA with DIDForSale SIP Trunking Service. You can get the phone number from anywhere in US and point it to your GS 502 ATA anywhere in the world. There is not extra charge for routing calls to your ata.

Free Phone Conferencing

DIDForSale is leading nationwide SIP Trunking service provider. Along with largest coverage and best rates our customer enjoy free conferencing services. Free conference call services allow you to meet by telephone with your customers, relatives or colleagues.

What questions to ask when choosing your SIP Provider?

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, I can’t stress enough always question your providers, not just your Sip Trunk providers. No change is easy! But often a change with least information is the toughest one. To avoid such situations make sure your are asking the right questions and...

Sip Trunking Basics

Don’t know much about SIP Trunking? No worries! SIP Trunking is popular medium to provision calls for many who use VoIP. Along with flexibility and scalability SIP Trunking gives huge cost benefits. First, you need to ask yourself some questions. What is the use...