Step by Step How to setup SIP trunks in Asterisk?

To setup the SIP trunks in your Asterisk machine is quite an easy job if you are using DIDforSale as your SIP provider. We will explain this process step by step: A) Creating the SIP Trunks for Inbound service: Step 1: Login to your Asterisk PBX admin interface, go to...

Unlimited SIP Trunking

Two SIP Trunk allows business to make unlimited outbound/inbound calls to Canada and US lower 48 states, share the same line between multiple employees. You can still purchase virtual phone number anywhere in US, UK and Canada on the shared SIP Trunks. Our Unlimited SIP Trunks is perfect solution for business who have their own PBX.

SIP Trunking for dummies

Only tech savvy people are really taking the benefit of SIP Trunking. On the other side non technical business owners still don’t understand the power of SIP Trunking and how SIP Trunking can reduce their telephone cost.

How to Enable CNAM on DID

DIDForSale leader in Origination and Termination SIP trunking services, offers the largest Coverage in US, UK and Canada, now offers E911 service for the DIDs purchased through us. Here are easy steps to enable CNAM to your DIDs Login in your webportal at...

Why DIDForSale is different

We want to take an opportunity to tell you why we believe we are better than our competitors. We provide phone number in 11,000+ Rate Centers We have the largest coverage in US, Canada and UK. Even more than Verizon, Level 3 and most of other cLEC Companies) For 95%...