DIDForSale a leading VoIP DID provider is proud to announce its partnership with IPsmarx Technology Inc., a leading provider of VoIP solutions in order to broaden their global reach and better serve VoIP Service Providers.

IPsmarx has been an innovator of scalable VoIP solutions since 2001. They deliver Softswitch and Calling Card Solutions to operators in 63 different countries at affordable prices. Through this partnership, clients will have the opportunity to take advantage of DIDForSale’s low rates on VoIP SIP DID’s and the convenience of purchasing these anywhere within the US. In addition, clients will be able to enjoy advanced features as supplied by IPsmarx solutions allowing them to stand out from the competition and help expand their business.

DIDForSale is a leading VoIP DID provider. “Our company provides the best quality VoIP origination and termination services at low rates,” says Kunal Mittal, President of DIDForSale, “Our origination services provide access to local access numbers all over USA. With the evolution in the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology we offer SIP DID (VoIP DID) service at the fraction of cost of analog lines.” DID services from DIDForSale allow service providers to show presence in 2600+ rate centers all over USA. These services open doors for businesses to offer local access numbers to their customers at a significantly lower price. “Over the last few years, local access numbers have been a very attractive alternative to expensive Toll Free numbers,” Kunal Mittal says.

“With our SIP Based Calling Card Platform, our clients are able to take advantage of DID technology without the need for a gateway,” says Carrie Fedders, Account Manager with IPsmarx, “Partnering with DIDForSale will reduce our clients’ set up time and allow them to take advantage of the many different area codes available, allowing them to expand their business to many different geographical regions.”

About IPsmarx

With offices in New York, NY, Reston, VA, and Toronto, Canada, IPsmarx Technology has been providing feature rich VoIP solutions since 2001. IPsmarx helps entrepreneurs and existing calling card operators to manage and grow a successful calling card businesses in over 63 countries. For more information contact IPsmarx at 703-871-5278, email alexia@ipsmarx.com, and visit http://www.ipsmarx.com.

About DIDForSale
DIDForSale DIDForSale based in Southern California, USA provides VoIP services to businesses and individuals. The Company offers quality services to its customers at an affordable rate. For more Information contact DIDForSale at contact-info @ didforsale.com and visit http://www.didforsale.com.