Role: <fax> keyword allow you to receive efax on the number. Once the fax is received, and action url is passed in the attributes we will send the link to pdf file where you can download the file at any time.


  • eFax – You can build an efax application. Our system will receive the fax and send you the link to the url defined in action attribute. You can download the file and email to end user.

While there are no limitation on where <fax> can be used, there definitely is optional set of attributes to use with <fax>. Below is a list of attributes to be used with <fax>, each attribute has a specific function and can use certain values.


action Callback URL none

Here is an example of how <fax> is used within code.

If the action url is passed, system will receive the fax and send the link to the url.
We also send other details about the fax in the url defined in action attribute. We will post the fax file location and other details in the post/get method.

“faxurl=Path do download the pdf file for the received fax.
“dialednumber=Dialed Number
“numofpages= Total number of pages
“Received= Number of pages received”

example get method



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