The use of VOIP in businesses continues to thrive for one good reason: customer service.

Toll-free Number

One of the benchmarks of excellent customer service is the provision of as many contact details as possible. With VOIP, you don’t just give away any number but a toll-free one. This means that customers can call you anytime and anywhere, without the fear of being charged with long-distance fees. Moreover, getting your own toll-free number is easy as providers can already hand you a virtual phone number.

Direct Calls

There’s no need to be stuck in your workstation so you can keep up with customer demands. You can be very mobile and still offer the best kind of customer service to them. These days VOIPs can be programmed so all calls can be routed through your mobile phone. You may also be able to record and listen to voice mails right in your laptop or tablet PC as long as there’s an Internet connection available. Not being able to answer queries or send replies to issues because of technology gap is completely eliminated by VOIP, and you can no longer make them as your lame excuses.

 Call Assistant

A call assistant acts like a telephone operator, which guides every caller, which number to press depending on his need. To give you an idea, it’s the voice that usually says, “Press 0 to talk to a customer service officer.” All numbers may eventually direct to you, but the call assistant is enough to enhance your level of credibility and professionalism. It also gives your customers an idea you have a solid customer service flow in your business